6th of October 2011.    This morning I had a fit of anger.
I was about an hour late getting off to work.

Our new puppy dog & my 5 y.o. son were driving me nuts.
I lost the plot!
And I started feeling guilty about the example I was giving my son!
But all this wasn’t enough to bring on the boiling rage I felt.
.....Something under the surface was seriously bugging me.

Something!.... I didn’t even know what!

I forced myself to do my yoga-laughter empowerment practice.
Immediately I was laughing I felt better enough in myself to apologise to my son & explain that it wasn’t his fault.

Instead of raging I called my boss & after some discussion, discovered that the anxiety causing my anger was to do with the lateness of some engineering reports we are working on & our inability to find the time to complete them.

We made a plan to finish them next week, THEN I FELT RELIEF!

I’m here to tell you that having the ability to laugh whenever you want to won’t solve all your problems.
But it will give you the space to be able to take appropriate action.

Yoga-laughter empowerment is a very valuable tool for everyday life.

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