Three days ago I had a bad migraine, triggered as usual by bright light. This usually puts me out of action for 24 hours or so. But because I did yoga-laughter for the first hour afterwards my recovery was 4 times faster, & my experience was far better than normal.

I am lucky these days because I don’t get severe headaches anymore. (I have had migraines infrequently most of my life). Normally I have gotten really annoyed when I get the vision impairment that indicates a migraine coming on (it stops me doing all my things for 24 hours....very inconvenient). But this time I had just come out of a laughter session and didn’t want to ruin my good state.

I went to a cafe & ordered a coffee(!), and laughed with my face in my hands for a whole hour.

TRANSFORMATION! The lights in my field of vision were not really annoying. Cosmic man! For the first time in my life I really enjoyed seeing the kaleidoscope type display....the colours were so rich, the patterns so interesting! Migraine is accompanied by a flood of gluggy feeling chemicals entering the blood stream, but this time I felt the effects being counteracted by the positive chemicals laughing generates. I really felt much better.

4 hours later I was able to take my son & puppy to the park and participate (in a slower kind of way)....something that would normally have been impossible. Another 4 hours later, I felt back to normal. I was amazed at how quickly I had recovered.

3/10/2011 09:40:23 am

Well done, Michael. Being able to laugh about it, literally and figuratively, to relieve the pain is taking your power back. We need more of this, taking our power back when it comes to our health.


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