When I did laughter yoga I had a transformational experience.
I needed several hours of silence after it to process the stagnant stuff that was released with the laughter. It is an excellent healing technique not to mention the honesty & grace that Michael & David charge it with.
I look forward to going again.
Veronica de Ferrari,
Author & Former Director Wesley Mission Jobnetwork,
28/9/2011 01:25:03 pm

After attending laughter yoga classes, I always feel more myself.

How do I gauge this?

Well, when I am myself I don't really care what other people think of me. I have noticed that i speak more relaxed , I think less and my voice has more intonation.

As opposed to when I care what people think of me, and my tone of voice is monotone, I am serious and I think a lot.

I know which one I prefer, and although I am not that familiar with being myself, it is something I would like to be familiar with.

Oops getting a bit serious now. Time for a laugh.

Aidan Tavendale
30/9/2011 10:58:06 pm

I have been practising Laughter Yoga for about 6/7 years now. I became a menber of the first ever Laughter Yoga group in Auckland, NZ. I was depressed at the time, if not, very close to clinical depression. Traumatic childhood experiences had lead to the depression. And over the years I've become more educated on laughter, and what laughter does to your body. In a nutshell....when you heartily release real laughter, endorphins are realeased into your body. This puts you on a natural high. While Laughter Yoga is based on a lot of childlike exercises which at first can make you feel very self conscious. I now get my endorphin rush mostly from the laughter meditation. One also gets an endorphin rush when you workout at the gym. No matter how silly some people may think Laughter Yoga may appear, there is nothing silly about it. Laughter defuses stress. When your stressed, your muscles are tense, and you tend to breath shallower. Laughter also breaks down social anxiety. However you get your stress release is up to you. But laughter and the endorphin rush are free! After many years of laughing in a group, this can give you the ability to laugh alone when you most need it, in a highly stressful situation, when you just need to laugh!!! I HIGHLY recommend Laughter Yoga.

Aidan Tavendale
1/10/2011 04:00:01 pm

I'll just add abit more. This past week has been one of the most stressful weeks, going alongside moving to another country (being Australia)18 months ago. Starting in a new company, two and a half months ago. Those sorts of stresses. Heck of a lot of stress in my personal life. Those that practice LY know how important eye contact is, what is just as important is being with people "that want to laugh". Just from hearing other people's heartily, natural laughter, makes you crack up more! We all have different sounding laughs!!! This week I have been using laughter off YouTube more than ever to release my stress....boy have I needed it. And as I said, just by being in the presence of other people whom want to laugh, and hearing them laugh, has just made me crack up.....some people believe in prayer (not me personally as yet),although I've searched. I do believe in the power of laughter.


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