The day after I wrote about how I was able to use yoga-laughter to beat pain on a massage table, I had a horrible accident.
I crushed my finger in a steel jaw clamp, giving me bad laceration, & possible damage to the bone.
Could that be the universe saying..."oh yeah? let's really test you!"
My response was pretty natural....huge agony accompanied by shock & a massive dose of adrenalin.
I had to race to the doctors with blood pouring everywhere.
Now if you're expecting that I was able to switch off
the pain with laughter, sorry to dissapoint you!
But here's the thing. Having pain is one thing but I was getting hugely frustrated, angry & upset at my own stupidity
....I was going  DOWN man. big time.
I made myself laugh...pretty half-heartedly mind you
at first but it did make me feel better.
After a while I did notice a physical shift...the bad-news feeling I had in my stomach & limbs because of my anger & being down on myself.....began to lift. After that I was able to see things in perspective and it didn't seem so bad.
I got first class medical attention and things kind of flowed as smoothly as possible. I think if I hadn't had the help of yoga-laughter I would have plunged into dispair and made it a lot worse.
Empowerment?...let's just say I prevented myself from totally dis-empowering myself. & I'm sure I will heal faster now.
And Yes! I was able to divert my attention away from the pain with yoga-laughter.
With laugh, Michael

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