Post Title. 09/01/2011 0 Comments   Edit | Settings | DeleteHi Everyone!
    For organisational reasons we have renamed this site ""

    Add Comment  Post Title. 07/29/2011 0 Comments   Edit | Settings | DeleteHi Everyone! ..............We're Back!

    Dave & I will recommence Laughter Yoga sessions for Friday lunch times in York St City next week, Friday, the 5th of August, 12.30 pm.
    Look forward to seeing you there.

    We are also planning a publicised launch with coverage from mX magazine --within the next 5 weeks or so.
    (as soon as we can get organised with them). Stay Posted!

    Best wishes,

    Add Comment  Dress to Impress for Business Success part II 07/15/2011 0 Comments   Edit | Settings | DeleteRight..... I got that one off my chest!I promise not to do another really silly video for a while!
    Laughter Yoga is about improving your life, improving your state of mind & improving your health. It's serious stuff!
    There's just some things about the business world that I just can't get myself to take to seriously!
    This is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar. Add Comment  Dress to Impress for Business Success! 07/14/2011 0 Comments   Edit | Settings | DeleteWe're highly scientific kind of guys so the
    laughter techniques & yoga techniques we practice are (mostly) not only meant to be huge fun but also instructive and useful tools for life.
    Here's one that's more on the light hearted side of things though!
    called "Dress to Impress for Business Success
    Add Comment  First Post! 07/10/2011 5 Comments   Edit | Settings | DeleteHi Everyone! Welcome to another branch of the wonderful world of Laughter Yoga.
    Hope you will come &  join us as we laugh ourselves to health & sanity!
    This site is primarily to promote Laughter Yoga in general and in particular
    our regular lunch-time laughter session in York St in Sydney on Fridays.
    There's 3 of us (so far) running it......Dave Low, Michael Shineberg and Narayan Pett.
    . We really want you to join us learning more about laughter yoga & improve your health & well-being. Laughter makes you healthy, wealthy & wise.....but more on that later.
    We hope this site will also serve as a place to communicate life experiences, especially those around laughter and the joy of living and learning and growing.
    It's for all of us to share .............. we are all "learning as we go"!     Thus said,
    we really hope you will share your experiences & learnings,  joys, improvement opportunities.......... anythinjg goes.
16/4/2012 01:44:55 pm

Its a new way to feel relax and make your mind refresh.With the help of laughter yoga you can forgot all your stress and it refresh your mind

30/4/2012 05:33:18 pm

Yoga is one good way of relaxation.The basic yoga moves involved in the poses and exercises will provide inner peace and radiant health.

24/5/2012 09:36:03 pm

nice way to feel relax and healthy..


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