Yoga-laughter is doing practice laughter to trigger real laughter.
This happens very quickly in a way which is spontaneous & natural.
After only  a week or 2 practicing 10-15 minutes a can develop the capacity to laugh at any time whenever you want to.
The main thing about developing this capacity to laugh

whenever you want to is that it is very empowering,
& very useful for everyday life.
Many situations of modern life are stressful.
But it is mostly far healthier to laugh than get stressed,
& I mean healthier physically as well as mentally.
Because when you laugh the body injects a huge dose of "happy chemicals" in to the blood stream (mostly endorphins) & halts the production of cortisol, the "stress hormone".
Laughing, (or at least doing laughter breath) helps you to stay"bouyant" and handle most situations better.

3 Steps: Yoga-Laughter
1. Laughter Breath: Laughter breathing is easy....try it now!
Breath in a shallow breath.
Pretend you have just heard or seen the funniest thing
in the whole world, but are not allowed to laugh!
Hold it...hold it...hold it!
Finally you just can't hold it anymore
and your breath bursts out with a big huff! Breath out all the way.

2. When you have breathed out fully, start giggling. Pretend you are "spliting your sides" and can't stop laughing!
Very soon you won't be pretending anymore!
Laugh as much as you want.....It is so much fun!

3. Stop when abdomen muscles are tired, or when you feel like it. Your mind will be totally still at this point.
Now just watch your natural breathing.
It will have become soft & delicious In yoga this is called easy breath It is an important step in yogalaughter: it prolongs your tranquillity. Now repeat these 3 steps over & over until you have had enough joy & release.

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